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VP6-Board.com News
24 December 2005

Our Distributed.net Team -- Posted by York1 at 3:04 PM
To any of ya still running the client for our team. Feel free stop by here. The forum on vp6-board.com are down for now.

Also anyone else is welcome.

25 March 2004

X-micro WLAN 11g PCMCIA card -- Posted by York1 at 10:35 PM

"The X-Micro WLAN 11g PCMCIA Card (802.11g) provides all the compatibility a wireless card can get. It can be used in combination with any WLAN Adapter (11b - 11g - 11g Turbo) to incorporate any Notebook to the wireless world."
The rest.

HP Photosmart 7760 Printer Review -- Posted by York1 at 10:32 PM

At a reasonable price, the HP Photosmart 7760 truly offers high performance
photo printing and is versatile enough to handle small office printing. This
flexible and attractive printer easily accommodates the needs of most home
or small office users whether it is high-quality color photo prints or
speedy black and white documents on the HCG diet plan. I used this to run one of my HCG drops projects and it worked really well.
Just make sure you are aware of any hcg diet dangers that may be out there.

You can also avoid any HCG diet side effects if you do your fair amount of research.

Your research will be very important if you are trying to avoid the HCG side effects that some experience who do the diet wrong. So spend some time and think it out before you start.

Antec Super LANBOY case review -- Posted by York1 at 10:30 PM

"My first impression upon getting the Super LANBOY out of the case was how light it was, even though I was much stronger after having done the HCG diet. It's nicely designed & good looking, but my overriding impression was just how thin, flimsy & insubstantial it felt."
I love sites that submit short and simple quotes for news posts.

Designtechnica's Portable Digital Audio Guide -- Posted by York1 at 10:29 PM

Everyone wants one. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, colors and
cases. Most let you listen to music, some allow you to watch video and a few
are even wireless. They're one of the most popular consumer electronics
products out there and a computer company named Apple is the current
industry leader. We are of course referring to the mighty digital audio or
MP3 player.

Overclockers Club takes a look at Battlefield: Vietnam -- Posted by York1 at 10:27 PM

Battlefield 1942 took the FPS genre to a whole new level. With the game’s detail, historical accuracy, vehicles, and focus on team play, it didn’t couldn’t much better. Soon the great game would be followed up with two expansion packs and a modding community that rivals that of the ancient Half-Life. Mods like Desert Combat, Eve of Destruction, and Galactic Conquest took BF1942 to Operation Desert Storm, Vietnam, and even to a galaxy far, far away. Now EA and Digital Illusions take us to another battlefield, Vietnam. It’s not another expansion for BF1942, it’s a whole new game with several updates based on their experience with the ever-so-popular Battlefield 1942.

Read the rest here.

10 March 2004

Designtechnica reviews the HSU Research HSU VT-12 Speakers -- Posted by York1 at 8:44 PM

"The HSU VT-12 is an excellent solution for those that are looking for a
compact set of speakers. In our opinion, it beats out any speaker set of
similar dimensions and price. The extra consideration of such exacting
placement is worth it for the performance delivered."
Read the article here.

Overclockers Club takes a look at the Kingwin Thermal Center TC-02BK -- Posted by York1 at 8:42 PM

We've seen our fair share of thermal monitors in the past, and one thing is for sure, no two have been exactly the same. Today, we'll be taking a look at another thermal monitor, the Kingwin Thermal Center. With three thermal probes and three fan speed monitors, the Kingwin Thermal Center doesn't appear to be the most sophisticated thermal monitor out there, but it does have one unique quality, it automatically adjusts fan speeds based on temperatures recorded from the associated thermal probe.
The rest.

4 March 2004

Designtechnica reviews the Gateway M275XL Tablet PC -- Posted by York1 at 5:38 PM

"The Gateway M275 XL is an excellent performer that provides the power of a
notebook and versatility of a tablet. The flexibility this provides becomes
invaluable as you become comfortable with using the unit in tablet mode."
Read the entire article.

2 March 2004

Bytecc Mobile External Enclosure @ voidedwarranty -- Posted by York1 at 6:54 PM

"If you're like me you probably have an extra hard drive laying around with no place to put it. I had that problem and now I've found a solution in this sweet looking Aluminum External HD enclosure from the folks over at Bytecc. They make all kinds of goodies including Mini Hubs, Keyboards, Cables, Cases, and much more."
The rest of it.

Breaking into the Intel SFF Market with Shuttle, Soltek and ABIT -- Posted by York1 at 6:48 PM

"In the first of our looks at the increasingly popular Small Form Factor (SFF) systems, we focus our attention on Intel Pentium 4 based platform systems from Shuttle, Soltek and ABIT."
Head over and read the rest.

Albatron FX5700 Ultra Review @ Techware Labs -- Posted by York1 at 6:47 PM
Albatron FX5700 Ultra Review @ Techware Labs.

"After consistently lackluster reviews for their FX5600, Nvidia a revision of the series and a winning chipset, the FX5700. With reports that ATI has overtaken Nvidia to become the number two chip supplier, next to number one Intel, Nvidia needed to continue to work hard to regain their reputation and market share. It appears that they have gained sufficient experience with this GPU and manufacturing process to pump out a surprisingly better card than was seen with the first revision, the FX5600. It will be interesting to see if Nvidia can improve upon the next generation of cards as much as they improved this revision."
Read the entire article.

Chaintech ZNF3-150 ZENITH Motherboard Review -- Posted by York1 at 6:44 PM
Chaintech ZNF3-150 ZENITH Motherboard review at Overclockers Club.

Usually when we review a product at OCC, we’ll take one item and put it up against similar products. Today we are going to try something a little different with the Chaintech ZNF3-150 Motherboard review. One reason for this is I wanted to give a real life scenario look at the motherboard. You are probably saying, “what the hell is he talking about ‘real life scenario’?” Most people that I know don’t go out and build a whole new computer, instead they’ll buy a part here and a part there and upgrade as they have time and/or money. This is the angle we are going to use today in our review of Chaintech’s latest motherboard, the ZNF3-150 ZENITH. Is the Athlon 64 setup worth the upgrade? Read on and find out.
Read the rest here.

26 February 2004

How-to Dual Boot Windows XP and Fedora Linux -- Posted by York1 at 6:48 PM
Bryan McDaniel at Overclockers Club has written a guide on How-to Dual Boot Windows XP and Fedora Linux. Here is a quote from the guide:

"With the effort to promote Linux, Overclockers Club has written a very thorough guide on how to Dual Boot Windows XP and Fedora (or Red Hat) Linux. The guide is aimed towards newbie's to Linux that are wanting to try Linux for the first time but think Linux is to intimidating. The guide illustrates each step of the installation and configuration process with images and no non-sense documentation. Snip from the guide: "I'm far from a Linux expert, but I have managed to learn enough about it to be dangerous, and maybe even helpful on occasion. So I thought I'd put together a little "how-to" on installing Red Hat/Fedora on a system that already has Windows XP on it."
Check out the rest.

Raidmax Scorpio 668 Case Review @ Techware Labs -- Posted by York1 at 5:25 PM

"The inside of the Scorpio case is a true dream, there is a ton of room for mounting hardware, plenty of fan mounts and a great design when it comes to airflow and case cooling. The hard drive cage and 3.5 drive cage are removable via a small lever on the top of the cage. Simply pushing the lever back and sliding the cage out will allow you to mount internal hard drives and floppy drives without difficulty."
Read the rest.

Designtechnica reviews the Ezonics ESound 5.1 Headphones -- Posted by York1 at 5:23 PM

"Overall, the ESound did a great job of producing actual surround sound in
supported movies and games. Stereo music also sounded good, and even games
without 5.1 surround sound audio benefited from the ESound solution.

Bass response was excellent, but at times too much and had to be turned
down. With a few refinements, Ezonics would have a hard-to-beat product.

Six-channel sound in gaming is a reality and Ezonics has done a great job
bringing that reality to a headset. We look forward to future versions that
address our concerns but definitely think the ESound is a great start."
Read more

8 August 2003

Its come to the end....................... -- Posted by MTP at 4:12 PM
....for me. The VP6 has been a great system for over 3 years. Not once over those years did the actual mb give me any troubles. I have had numerous driver issues, but those all got worked out in the end. I used my VP6 as my main machine for a better part of 2 years. I will miss it, but it is time to move on. I shut "her" down about 3 months ago but left it completely intact just in case I needed to get something off of the Raid. This weekend I officially shut it down when I removed the 2 15G IBM hdd and placed them in my sons new MSI KT4VL/2400XP based system. I have not been around the boards much due to work and spending time at SFFTech which is dedicated to my new SFF system. You all can catch me over there as MTP as well. Take care everyone, this site has been fantastic. I have "met" allot of great people here, learned tons of stuff, and hopefully helped a few out as well. I'll pop into the forums once in awhile.
Do not bother e-mailing to MTP@vp6 address as I have not been able to get into that one for months now.

8 June 2003

Quiet Cooling for your video card -- Posted by MTP at 10:43 AM
Hey gang, been some time for some news huh!
The lastest trend to hit the streets is the Small Form Factor (SFF) computers. These computers are being used from desktop replacements all the way down Home Theater PCs.
Along with these little toasters come great performance in a little package, but along with that performance is lots of heat and of course, fan noise.
Now to you and me, users of dual cpu systems, multiple fans for increased air flow, etc.....fan noise has been a way of life. However, if you use the computer as HTPC than you do not want to have to blast the sound to get over the volume of your fans.
One of the largest noise makers in your pc happens to be on your video card, especially if you run a Nvidia card.
Intro the Zalman company. The have been around for awhile but have recently stepped up the R&D in the " Quiet " line.
The lastest is the ZM80-HP cooler using heatpipe technology.
A couple of sites have already done reviews and install guides on this behemoth of a cooler. The first is by Frosty Tech which you can read here . The second is by Hexus.net and you can read their write up here .
I have on on order to fit on my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro.
I'll let you know how it goes.

11 April 2003

Antec Sonata Case Review -- Posted by York1 at 1:40 AM
The guys over at Procooling.com have posted a new case review.

” I have owned two Antec cases previously, and the Sonata shares many of the design features with the older SX series of cases. The excellent door handle mechanism is still present in the Sonata, as is the locking front door. However, some aspects of the case are completely new. For example, the front bezel was substantially redesigned on the Sonata to give it a much cleaner and distinctive look. “
So head on over and check it out.

5 March 2003

Not news..need your opinions. -- Posted by MTP at 10:45 PM
Well, its that time of year for me to renew my dail-up subscription. Now I have been with my current isp provider for over 5 years and have never had any problems and it is really cheap. $15 a month for unlimited access.
However, the old "broad-band" bug has bitten again and I am seriously looking into going to cable modem. I'll have to run the cable to my "office" as right now there is no access in that room. (Hell I do not even have cable going to the house!! I'm not big on watching tv either).
The big question to me though is "Is it really worth it?". Cable access around my area is about $40 a month if your own your cable modem. I do not have time to play online games so that is not an issue.
Hit the forums and give me yor opinion on dail-up verses broadband and what the best cable modem is out there.

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